✧ 4th MEMEBOX Unboxing ✧


EXCUSES EXCUSES. MEMEBOX #4 arrived on my doorstep back in February, but it sold out so quickly that I didn’t know if it was good practice to share/talk about something that you guys couldn’t get your hands on anymore :T However! I got an email the other day about restocked boxes so there must be hope! I already had the photos written so I figured WHAT THE HECK. Maybe the mini reviews on the products themselves will be helpful to someone out there. ~Let’s take a look at what was inside~ Read More

Girl In The City


It’s always exciting getting to meet online friends in person, but it was extra meaningful when I finally got the chance to hang out with Acire this winter because we’ve known each other for so long – way way way back in the ol’ LJ days. We reconnected this year BECAUSE OF EXO LMAO and since she’s in the city for her spring semester, we decided that we had to make use of the opportunity to see each other as much as possible. Read More

NOV / DEC in Review


One day I’ll be so on top of blog posts that I won’t have to do the dreaded “haha I’m sharing photos from 5 months ago” apology :( 對不起 :’( Here’s the big life update I promised in a previous post. The start of winter 2013 involved a lot of shopping and eating (WHAT’S NEW), but a big new thing happened towards the end of the year! Read More



✯ Launch Party ✯ I’m really excited to share the launch of my brother’s portfolio – VIACALVIN – with you guys! Calvin’s put in a lot of time planning the site, rendering his work, and glaring at CSS in order to make this happen, so I’m thrilled for him and his future success. Dancer, skater, fashion enthusiast and now graphic designer! Check him out and send him some love at @viacalvin~

(ps ps new things coming soon! drafting a bunch of posts for this coming week~)