Restaurant Week Winter 2016: Pig & Khao 🐖, NARS & SoHo

April 14, 2016

For part two ✌️ of our NYC Restaurant Week experience, Erica recommended we get dinner at Pig & Khao serving Filipino fare on the LES. We decided to throw in some SoHo chilling in the afternoon so we started our day with some conveyor belt sushi 🍣 at East.

↑↑ THIS ONE ↑↑ (and also the one topped with crabmeat) 😋

Erica’s always up for sushi and when your lunch date gets started before you’ve got your jacket off, you know you’re in for something crazy. I’m not a sushi person (mainly because I’m a babychild and I don’t like raw foods – I’m Cantonese!!) so it didn’t ever apply to me, but damn sushi is REALLY expensive. I haven’t leveled-up enough to eat the good stuff, but there’s one plate I especially love and I wish I could just eat 400 off without the guilt of it probably costing me $600 dollars!!!

After lunch, I indulged Erica in a pitstop at Bleecher’s, and she returned the favor by putting up with me smelling 402934088 perfumes at the Fresh Union Square shop. I debated a full-size lip balm, but realized I had 7 opened tins of lip products and hastily backed away.


Our destination was originally the NARS Bleeker Street store, but since it was out of the way, we ended up at the SoHo location where I picked up an eyeshadow for Erica & a pencil sharpener for myself (I know…) I spent way too much time swatching every lipstick and foundation in sight, and honestly, if we weren’t running late for our dinner reservation, I could have stayed there until closing. I really wanted to get properly matched to their foundation, but my makeup looked Good and I didn’t want to waste it HAHahA. I did end up picking out a lip pencil to treat myself with next so fingers crossed that day comes soon.

And finally it was time for the main event!

Chicharron (fried pork rinds) with ten spice and coconut vinegar
Green Papaya Salad with charred chicken, crispy taro and peanuts
Grilled Pork Jowl with brussel sprouts, toasted rice, and lime-chili sauce
Sizzling Sisig (pork head meat) with chili, and a whole egg
Halo-Halo, shaved ice with leche flan, ube ice cream, macapuno, and pinipig

My mouth is watering just recalling how good this food tasted. Oh my god. I love salty savory sour food and every single one of these dishes punched me right in the mouth. The green papaya salad and grilled pork jowl were INCREDIBLE – I think I let out a few groans and moans. The salad was just the right amount of fresh and crunchy with the added acidity of the vinaigrette while the pork jowl was slick with pork fat and the brussel sprouts soaked up the lime-chili sauce. I have to confess… that we didn’t end up ordering from the Restaurant Week menu because we HAD to try the Sizzling Sisig and it just wasn’t on the dinner menu! I’m not weirded out by unusual meats so this was just delicious; I think I identified some snout and ear (MMMMM) mixed in there.

We sat in the back patio of the restaurant which had the coolest red lighting from the heat lamps and while I was comfortable before dinner, I was lowkey sweating from just shoveling all this perfect food in my face. Fortunately soon afterwards, dessert was served and it was this rich creamy milky shaved ice with huge chunks of flan and rice crisps. SO GOOD.

My only regret is that we missed out on dishes that had more solid meat we could bite into since head meat and jowl tends to be more fatty meat. The fried pork rinds were also a bit of a disappointment since they were so airy (but crisp). Still, the other dishes won the night and if I get the energy to I would definitely return to try the entire menu.

Heads up, get coconut rice. Always get coconut rice!

East Kaiten Sushi
366 3rd Ave
New York, New York 10016
124 Prince Street
New York, New York 10012
Pig And Khao
68 Clinton Street
New York, New York 10002

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