Epik High 2015

February 29, 2016

A little late, but I had such a good time I wanted to share my grainy phone photos to commemorate the experience.


I think part of the concert experience is having a good line-up crew with you & this time I went with Victoria and a few of her friends. It was nice getting to meet everyone and we ended up sticking together during the entire concert which, if you’ve ever been to a standing show, is an accomplishment. Standing tickets! They’re the bane of my existence, but the seats at Best Buy Theater are so far back that it wouldn’t have been worth the money spent.

It was a good 5-6 hour wait, but the show was hosted by Siva Group (who did the AOMG show) so it was a pretty civil wait.


SURPRISE MASTA WU! A few of us were lamenting about the NYC stop being the only show without a special guest and then … Masta Wu just… strolled pass.. He actually came out perform! My photos & videos were terrible so I didn’t include them, but he came out and said he wasn’t really going to be a guest… and then did like 3 full songs HAHA.










Here’s a collection of abouuuut 10 very intense videos including a great one of Tukutz dancing solo.


Post concert EXHAUSTION. The ground was strewn with lightsticks after the show ended, but I took mine home and it still works! Also I bought a shirt!

What a great show!!!!!!! I’ve been listening to Epik High on & off since high school and when Shoebox Project was released, I thought it was such a good album that I would treat myself with tickets to their New York concert. There were no seats in the arena, unfortunately, so I had to opt for standing tickets and queue before the show, but I had some friends with me to pass the time with. Best Buy Theater is a pretty small venue – I’d seen 2NE1 at the MTV Iggy Awards in this theater a few years ago – and I was pretty close to the stage! I did get stopped for having a camera and had to check it in (I saw someone a few feet away from me using the exact same camera during the show….) so I could have been a bit closer which is a minor regret. It’s why I have terrible photos from my phone camera :T

Epik High put on such an amazing show and we had a surprise guest! He did a bunch of songs that I recognized, but can’t recall (MONTHS LATER) and then Epik High came out to destroy the stage. They’re so great!!!!! The music was deafening and everyone was singing along. I was so surprised & pleased that they did so many songs from within their discography. Burj Khalifa and Born Hater seriously brought down the house though. The highlight was definitely DJ Tukutz who would just drop one-liners that were hilarious. I may have also shed a tear during Tablo’s monologue.



After the show I met up with Yaling (of PrettyStories) and her friend Suzy and we grabbed a bite at my #1 chicken spot, Mad For Chicken. Ended the night with lychee soju, parmesan truffle fries & soy garlic chicken :9

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