January 25, 2016

This post goes WAY BACK, but I’m really pushing myself to post them since they’re great memories and I’d love to be able to look back on them~ Today’s throwback is the AOMG concert back in November of 2014 🎵

Clare and I went through almost an entire month of “should we or should we not” get tickets for the AOMG show because they were so expensive! We were going to do it for Jay – it was SIX YEARS in the making!! – but neither of us were familiar with Simon D, Gray or Loco’s music. TBH, I already had a crush on Simon D & Gray’s faces, but their solo music was a mystery.

And then came the day of ticket sales and somehow we ended up with VIP standing tickets??? Luv u forever, Jay.

(“VIP Standing” must be an oxymoron – what luxury treatment am I receiving if I have to queue and also fight people during a show???)

We started queue at around 2-3 in the afternoon and when we arrived, the line wrapped around the block and there were no staff members in sight. Originally, we were just going to take a look at the length of the line, but when we saw it, we figured we’d wait as well. Eventually (read: hours later) some of the promotional staff came by and split up the line so we shuffled around a bit.


We spent a good 15 minutes drawing LED screens that said JAY TAKE OFF YOUR SHIRT and then during the show, stood in the wrong orderLMAO


Look at this photo of us at 3PM. Look at the excitement and energy in our eyes. It’s cold but we’re ready! We’re going to see Jay!!


5 hours later. Notice how it appears that our souls have left our humanly bodies.

Little did we know, post line shuffling, that we weren’t going to move for hours!! It was FREEZING. There was some sort of delay with the artists so soundcheck & vip packages were delayed along with the show. Fortunately, everyone on the line was nice and supportive – lots of people were offering to hold spots in the line for others when they needed a food / bathroom break. There were fans that had amazing outfits on and I have no idea how they managed in the cold, but they looked gooooood.

Overall, it wasn’t a terrible lineup experience save for how cold it was outside. I’ve had some pretty terrible ones (NJ, JYJ), but this one had a check-in, a split line, and even wristbands.


(I apologize for all the vertical videos & photos. I underestimated how tired I was going to be when the show started and at one point, had such a crampy hand that I couldn’t hold my phone steadily in landscape mode. I had vertical portraiture!!! But sorry about my biology.)






Gray and Loco opening!!! They were so charming and cute and handsome! Gray is a BABE, but he was a little shy and didn’t speak much and basically hid behind a giant hat. MEANWHILE my new favorite Loco was SO GREAT – I think Clare and I said HES SO CUTE to each other every few minutes. He was so excited about the crowd & made a lot of effort to converse in English. I’M UR NEW FAN!!



But then The Boyfriend Simon D came out and I think everyone in the audience died. HE’S THE WORST! He held a girls hand and sang to her! He drank from someone’s bottle and returned it! He took someone’s fan towel! He touched so many hands!!!!!! WHY DID HE CURSE SO MUCH. Simon D is such a good performer. The entire post-show conversation between Clare and I regarding Simon D was “HE’S SO HOT. WHY IS HE SO HOT HES SO GROSS”

And then …. it happened.








I make fun of Jay all the time, but I still listen to his music and.. watch…. all his TV appearances because let’s be real, he was everyone’s boyfriend of 2008-2010. The original Boyfriend Idol. What a performer!!! ^~^ It was such a great show – he’s so charismatic on stage and those dance moves!!!! Also ya he took his shirt off (as requested) and everyone shouted. In one of the videos above, Simon D pours water on him twice and then – I didn’t catch it in video – wipes him down and throws the shirt in the crowd. WOW!!!!!! 👀 Jay did so many songs back to back – it was overwhelming. BUT if you didn’t watch any of the videos in this you should watch these two!!!!!!!!

SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THOSE VOCALS!!! THE DANCING!!!!

I can’t believe what a great show it was! I couldn’t stop smiling/sighing the entire evening and I’ve gotten the same feeling every time I came across these videos on my phone. I’d love to see them again so I really hope there’s another tour in the works. And I’m so happy that I got the opportunity to go with Clare who’s so charming & funny and one of a few people who remember the madness of ’09 and how much it means to see Jay in person.

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