Ready, Set, Go

January 19, 2016


So far in 2016 I’ve:

· Sat in a lot of cafes for many hours in front of my laptop (holla @ Presso 🐿)
· Solved all the puzzles in Professor Layton & the Diabolical Box 💯
· Finally read the Kite Runner, which has been on my to read list for years
· Started trimming down my beauty collection by giving a lot of unused stuff away to friends
· Replaced my old chair w/ this cool colored one from Ikea
· Collected 45/49 cats in #NEKOATSUME 🐈

I also started combing through my photo archives so look out for a bunch of posts that are basically “dinner I had that one time back in 2012.” One day I will open Lightroom and there won’t be anything to edit.

Hope your 2016 is going well! I just scored some EXO tickets so I’m pretty psyched, but I need to hustle on my portfolio.

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