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January 29, 2013

A beautiful farewell from one of my favorite shows.


HELP I am drowning in a sea of despaiiiir :((((( I can barely watch the clip of this scene without bursting into tears, which has to be a testament to how phenomenal John Noble and Joshua Jackson are as the Bishops. Someone give John Noble an Emmy, please. Every time Walter cries, I cry and I nearly gave myself a migraine during the final episode.

The Fringe finale was as devastating to my emotions as it was deeply satisfying. Ultimately, I am content with everyone’s happy endings … or rather the endings they were meant to live out in their own right, happy or not. Deeeeep in my heart, however, I would still trade them all for one with Peter and Walter :( I kept my fingers crossed the entire season in the hopes that we wouldn’t have to say goodbye to anyone (Peter and Olivia were ~destined~ don’t even kid), so I’m glad that the time reset meant we got Etta, Nina AND September back, but I wonder if it was TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE so the writers had to take Walter instead???????? AS YOU CAN SEE, I am really distraught about this.


As good as the ending was, I don’t think it should excuse some of the disappointments through season 5. Olivia was pretty much background filler until the ~Woah hey remember Cortexiphan? Remember when I had super powers?!~. Astrid was undervalued as usual – why didn’t anyone ever say “thank you” or “goodbye” to her on the phone???? Broyles only made 2 appearances and Lincoln only had a few seconds despite them both being main cast members :/ I guess… I’m more willing to accept these faults because season 5, at one point, was at a risk of not happening, so going in for the criticism feels a lot like staring at a gift and yelling about how terrible it is – rude!



Walter: It’s a beautiful name.
Astrid: What is?
Walter: Astrid.

ohmygod ㅠ^ㅠ


The last few minutes of the episode hit me RIGHT IN THE HEART because I’m a sucker for symbolism and the ending was just…… I’ve always enjoyed the way the writers incorporated their parallels (bringing back all the Fringe science grossness was BADASS), but that final goodbye – having Walter be the one to escort Michael to 2167? I was a mess. Absolutely tragic, but perfect in every way because it brought Fringe full circle. It was September who saved Peter and gave Walter a chance to find forgiveness and now it would be Walter’s turn to make a sacrifice to protect September’s son.

(I like to think that the look on Peter’s face in the finale seconds of the episode is realization and that in some alternate universe (heh), there is a Fringe reboot where it’s the son who brings his father home.)

In spite of all the craziness, Fringe is a story about love. It’s a story about people who loved one another so much, that they crossed a universe to be together. It is about the choices and sacrifices we make for each other and the bravery it takes to accept the consequences.

Goodbye, Fringe. You were brilliant, heartbreaking and full-out weird sometimes, but it was an incredible journey in the end.


※ Screencaps by GRANDECAPS

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