December 13, 2012
[audio:06%20Mai%20En%20Li.mp3|titles=麦恩莉 (My Only)|artists=方大同]

Khalil Fong has to be one my favorite musicians of all time and I am so happy that he’s finally back with a new album. It feels like fans have been waiting forever, but it was more than worth it because ‘Back to Wonderland’ is EVERYTHING I WANTED IT TO BE. There are a few songs I’m not completely on board with (Can You Feel the Music, 孤独孩儿, Romeo & 妈妈说), but I loved every one of his pre-releases and I’m absolutely smitten with 關於愛的定義, 麦恩莉 and 你就是. SO LOVELY. He really did a fantastic job. Even if ‘Back to Wonderland’ isn’t much different from ‘Wonderland’ or ‘Orange Moon,’ it’s allll goooood. I will always have the utmost respect for his courage to experiment in ’15,’ but it’s ~wonderful~ to hear Khalil back in his element doing what he does best.

I couldn’t pick a favorite song to share, but I think 麦恩莉 perfectly sums up his musical style.

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