March 22, 2013


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1. Cherry Blossom Ending by Busker Busker
It’s easy to see why Cherry Blossom Ending is still dominating the charts a year later. It’s the perfect song for spring ah I could listen to it forever. Make sure to check out their first album. First Love (첫사랑), Yeosu Night Ocean (여수 밤바다) and Calling You (전활 거네) are also heavily played favorites ♪

2. Blue Ocean Floor by Justin Timberlake
Everyone’s talking about 20/20 Experience! For the most part I found it to be an enjoyable album. Nothing groundbreaking, but it wasn’t all terrible (except maybe too long?). Pusher Love Girl, That Girl and Mirrors are absolute favorites, but the one that caught me by surprise was Blue Ocean Floor because it’s just so calming and airy and tranquil. Get the album here.

3. Everlasting Love by Jacky Cheung
There’s no one who will ever do Cantopop justice the way that the legends did it (Roman Tam, Anita Mui, Leslie Cheung etc.), but I hold Jacky’s songs dearest to my heart because I grew up listening to his audio cassettes. These are great translations. THE SINCERITY. It’s a shame that a lot of new artists just don’t write like this anymore.

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