Atami Sushi Buffet

May 1, 2012

After I got back from California, VC snatched me out of the house for food and manicures – two of my favorite things in the world!!!!! We made our rounds at the usual stationery and makeup shops in Flushing and afterwards, she insisted that I try this great buffet place called Atami Sushi Buffet that served AYCE sushi. I couldn’t say no. Short post!



Soft-shell crab roll



Hibachi-style beef



It was FAAAAAANTASTIC. I’ll admit that I wasn’t emotionally prepared for a buffet lunch (D’YA KNOW WHAT I MEAN), but it was a good experience! The cooked food selection was pretty good and the sushi was freshly made by the sushi chef at the station. I’m not a sushi expert at all, but all of the more common sushi choices were pretty good~ Some of the fancier items, like our crab roll, had to be ordered via a slip that you hand to the waitress so that it’s all made to order. Ack, I wish I tried more of the specialty sushi! There was also a station that opened a little later where another chef grilled pork and beef to order. The desserts were pretty sweet, but you never go wrong with ice cream and cakes. The profiteroles were a lovely surprise. Good stuff! Although fair warning, I will admit that it might not be for you if you’re not a sushi buff~

Atami Japanese Sushi Buffet
19-11 Francis Lewis Blvd
Whitestone, NY 11357
TEL: (718) 357-3998

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