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March 24, 2012

Jane flew in from Japan to visit family and stopped by in New York for lunch!



Jane is a fellow camera lover who has her own little collection of Polaroid cameras. She brought along this beautiful camera to take photos with and I had the pleasure of drooling over it in person. It’s so classic! ONE DAY I WILL MAKE ONE MINE, WAIT FOR ME ♥ㅁ♥


We had Red Mango froyo for breakfast HA HA. I think we wanted to find a no-frills place to sit and chat and since we met in the Ktown area, Food Gallery 32 was our easiest option. Lots of updates on life! Jane told me some great stories about her students, cute bartenders, and life in Japan, while I borrowed her ear & shoulders for sorting out some of my creative ruts.


I tagged along afterwards to the Impossible Project Space, where Jane stopped by to pick up some film. She purchased some neat black Polaroid film to shoot a family event (which I hope she posts one day~). I did my fair share of both admiring and crying over the cameras along the back wall. I bemoaned not being able to afford such an expensive hobby T^T

(Throwing in some photos from my first visit with Jane back in 2011, but I never got to share them. If you’ve seen them before already, then that’s our little secret shh)





So cute, but definitely not for that price :(


We had a ridiculous midday snack of french fries and mashed potatoes. I DONT KNOW. We were both really craving potatoes, but I can’t think of a reason now to justify having potatoes two-ways in the same meal. It was easy background food for our Real Talk on friends and life aspirations among other things.

We did some boutique perusing in SoHo for the next few hours. I was on a mission to find a store that stocked Tokyomilk products so I could get test run all the scents, so we stopped in the Kisan Concept Store on Greene Street only to be disappointed! None of what I was looking for, but it’s still a cool place with beautiful clothes from hard to find high-end labels. Jane and I spent some time cracking jokes at the jewelry, though, because some of it was just ridiculous. We also popped into bit+piece, a boutique on Mott that sells discount designer pieces. TRUTH, even after the discounts, most things cost more than we were willing to spend at that moment HAHA. I was very close to impulse buying a bar ring from a street vendor simply because I was looking everywhere for one of the perfect shape & fit – until I saw that the price was $12. The other products were simply cheap rings on ebay with racked up prices so I abandoned the idea to continue my internet search!!



We met Jane’s friend, D, in the Financial District for dinner at Brasserie Les Halles, where Anthony Bourdain was once chef-at-large. COOL. A major creep tried to make conversation with us outside the restaurant – something along the lines of “pretty asian ladies” so we brushed him off as soon as we could and headed inside.


Les Halles serves French-style food with American Beef (WHAT?), and is a white tablecloth kind of restaurant with my favorite booth seating. It’s quite dark inside and they use candles for ~ambiance lighting~ so it’s got a nice atmosphere, but it’s terrible for photos. There’s an enormous bar inside and the staff is really friendly and were quick to explain some items on the menu for us.

I was still dying from our earlier potato-fest, but couldn’t decide where I was on the spectrum of hunger. I ended up making a silly decision to get the French Dip Sandwich because… it came with a side of fries. HA HA HA HA HAAAAA. I should have gone with a soup or pate spread like Jane did!! The sandwich definitely needed the dip, but it wasn’t too bad. A blurry sandwich shot is one of the photos I deleted :(


A selection of housemade sorbets for dessert.


Something TERRIBLE was happening with my hairline SO I COVERED IT. Would have been unfair to share Jane’s photos and hide all of mine :3


One World Trade Center

The three of us lingered outdoors for a bit after dinner, but since we all had a long way to travel home, we bid each other ~farewell. It was great to meet D and we learned that we share a few mutual friends (Courtesy of The Internet). D also became person #123908 to make the “Has anyone told you that you look sort of like Sohee?” comment. Yes and it is an HONOR ☆ Seeing Jane again was wonderful~ This was only our second time meeting, but Jane is so relaxed and such an easy conversationalist – I always have a great time! I don’t know when I’ll get to see her again, but I will miss her till I do :33333

The Impossible Project
425 Broadway, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10013
TEL: (212) 219-3254

Brasserie Les Halles
15 John Street (off Broadway)
New York, NY 10038
TEL: (212) 285-8585

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