Brand Collection: Innisfree 🌿


I had a lot of fun doing the Etude House posts a few months ago and I wanted to continue with the theme of brand-centric beauty posts by starting a brand collection series reviewing all of the items that I’ve owned/used from a specific company. This first one up is Innisfree!

Flushing has an abundance of Asian beauty stockists, but it’s still short of a few brands including a retail shop that carries Innisfree products. Last year, I took a trip to Guangzhou for a family matter and towards the end of my time there, decided to see if I could hunt down an Innisfree so I could try some things in person. I’m sure people who have easy access to Innisfree will think it pretty lame of me, but it was so exciting!!! Not nearly as soul-ascending an experience as Etude House, but exciting nonetheless.

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California (2012) – Pt. 2


Last left off during a terrifying drive down the PCH and when we finished up the next morning, we found ourselves in San Simeon.

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California (2012) – Pt. 1


The cold is finally letting up here! It’s averaging 40° and up these days so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that spring will be here soon because I’m tired of grey skies and early nights. My summer lust is full-fledged ☀️ and I recently dug up some old photos from a trip to California so I could do some California dreaming about the warm sand & the ocean breeze.

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Queens Eats: Biang! 🍜🍢, Mango Mango 🍨


Stewed Oxtail Biang-Biang Noodles (腊汁牛尾 Biáng Biáng 面)

ㅠ_ㅠ Biang! recently closed in Flushing, which is a personal culinary tragedy since it was one of my favorite restaurants. I’m a big fan of salty/spicy/sour taste profiles (give me anything cured, fermented, preserved [drooling emoji]) and Biang! had all of it. When I stopped by in December, it was no more! :(

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Epik High 2015


A little late, but I had such a good time I wanted to share my grainy phone photos to commemorate the experience.

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