Brand Collection: △ 3 Concept Eyes △


My beauty partner-in-crime, Catherine, and I recently decided to make some mistakes ordered some items from 3 Concept Eyes, which happens to be one of my top 3 favorite brands Of All Time 💯. While I get my greedy hands familiar with the new products, I thought I would share swatches & reviews of the products I already own as a brand collection post for the start of April.

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Skincare Routine · March 2016


I can’t believe that the last time I put together a beauty routine post was in 2013! It’s been nearly 3 years and my routine’s changed almost entirely since then. I’m going to be switching out some of my heavier products since spring is around the corner (FINGERS CROSSED) so I before I pack things away, I thought thought I’d share a monster-sized post about all the products I’ve been using this winter to keep my skin in check. Hopefully in a few months time, I’ll get around to a spring/summer routine post as well.

One of my goals this year has been to finish up using products & to give away things that I’m not going to use and one of the ways I’ve been doing this is to use a separate day and night item for steps that you probably don’t need 2 products for (ie. toner, eye cream, facial oil, etc.) Please don’t be alarmed by how many products there are and keep in mind that it’s not necessary to use all of these things. Also! I really wanted to talk about every item in detail, but ended up trying to cut it down. This is still a whopping 4000 word post so kudos to anyone who reads it all the way through.

PS: Splitting makeup & beauty so you’ll see my everyday makeup routine in a following post ✨

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Brand Collection: Innisfree 🌿


I had a lot of fun doing the Etude House posts a few months ago and I wanted to continue with the theme of brand-centric beauty posts by starting a brand collection series reviewing all of the items that I’ve owned/used from a specific company. This first one up is Innisfree!

Flushing has an abundance of Asian beauty stockists, but it’s still short of a few brands including a retail shop that carries Innisfree products. Last year, I took a trip to Guangzhou for a family matter and towards the end of my time there, decided to see if I could hunt down an Innisfree so I could try some things in person. I’m sure people who have easy access to Innisfree will think it pretty lame of me, but it was so exciting!!! Not nearly as soul-ascending an experience as Etude House, but exciting nonetheless.

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Etude House Collection – Pt. 01


I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! 🎄 WHO’S READY FOR SHOPPING. I saw an email in my inbox about Etude House’s 30% off Christmas event and wanted to share some pictures/reviews about some of the Etude House presents I’ve bought myself this year. The event started a few days ago, but lasts until December 27th so make sure you use the code CHRISTMAS2015 to get the discount!

I’ve made 3 Etude House purchases in the last year so I’ve split them up into two posts. Part two should be up in a few hours!

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