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Skincare Routine · March 2016

I can’t believe that the last time I put together a beauty routine post was in 2013! It’s been nearly 3 years and my routine’s changed almost entirely since then. I’m going to be switching out some of my heavier… Continue reading

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Etude House Collection – Pt. 02

I had to take a break to eat hotpot & drink some yogurt soju, but here’s the remainder of my Etude House collection. Hopefully it’ll be useful so you can take advantage of the Etude House 30% off Christmas event.… Continue reading

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Etude House Collection – Pt. 01

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! 🎄 WHO’S READY FOR SHOPPING. I saw an email in my inbox about Etude House’s 30% off Christmas event and wanted to share some pictures/reviews about some of the Etude House presents I’ve… Continue reading

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