Patience! Diligence!


In which I did a bunch of things in the last 3 months that I had been putting off for a while:

1. I had lunch with Elias waaaaay back in August and we caught up over a ton of Korean food. I haven’t been very good about meeting up with friends and it had been a long time since we last saw each other, but as always, it was easy to pick up right where we left off. SCANDALOUS CONVERSATION FOR HOURS ♡

2. Had all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled and it was a rather miserable experience.

3. I picked up swimming this summer!!! Or rather, resumed swimming after not doing so regularly since I was in high school. It was exhausting the first two weeks and I could barely do a lap without wanting to keel over, but it became a lot easier the more I did it (like all things right?). It’s taking a lot of self-motivation and determination to continue with it since I go in at 6AM and it’s really a struggle keeping myself from crawling back into bed. I fell back into bad habits this month when the pool was closed for cleaning, and I could feel my health getting weird so I really have to push through with starting again this week now that the pool has re-opened. It’s going to be such a test when winter rolls around. Check this membership out! Full access to all the rec centers in NYC for $25 if you’re 18 – 24 years of age. It’s a great opportunity and so much cheaper than a gym membership.

4. Working on my eyebrows, working on my hair. I’m trying to get over the heebie jeebies that plucking gives me so it’s a slow journey, but it’s happening!! I also officially gave up on heat styling and trying to learn how to manage/love/baby my natural hair.

5. Job apps. haha. sigh.

6. Read more books, watched more movies, listened to more music (‘High Society’ – summer mix & “It’s you, entire” – part 1 of a series of songs about love)


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Golden Days ☀

It’s hard saying goodbye to summer when it’s still averaging 80°F on a good day, (somewhere on the west coast, my friends let out a bitter scream – global warming is real yo) but here are some snaps from this summer. Continue reading

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Drama Watch S’13


(Sorta) mini drama reviews of some of the things I’ve watched and am currently watching! Inspired by F’s spring & summer samplers over at ASTROMANTIC ♡ (only mine kind of got out of hand. Like 2800+ words out of hand.) One k-drama, but lots and lots of HK TVB dramas if you’re into them~

SPOILERS AHEAD! Continue reading

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Hard to Love, How to Love


100% certainty that this post was going to happen. All I can spare is a friendly warning to find something to hold onto because the metaphorical depth of my emotional attachment to Beast is the Mariana Trench and I’m sure there’s enough crying and heavy feelings in this post to drown the entirety of the internet. Possible hyperbole, but also probably not. Continue reading

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Rimmel Apocalips / Show Off Lip Lacquers Review


I’ve been on a lip color kick for months and months with a complete and utter disregard of my wallet’s soft sad whispers of “noooooo stop you don’t need that.” My newest favorite addition to my collection are the Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers, which I’ve been lusting after since they launched in the UK last year. They finally made their US debut in June of this year, but as the Show Off Lip Lacquers and because I am, on occasion, a self-indulgent fool, I ended up buying them off ASOS during a summer sale for their original name. YEAH I KNOW. Don’t worry, I’m judging me too.

Of the 14 space-themed shades, I picked up Luna, a neutral peach pink, and Big Bang, a blue-based red, both of which have already seen a lot of love from the beauty blogosphere. All the internet love makes this post questionable levels of helpfulness since so many people have already spoken about them, but I think they’re phenomenal and still worth sharing. Continue reading

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