This past summer my friend Liz introduced me to Glossier, the skincare/cosmetic brand of Emily Weiss, founder of Into The Gloss. I was so excited about the Cool Girl Aesthetic™ that I went ahead and ordered a few things to try out.
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“배고플 땐 이 노래를 / 아침 사과처럼 꺼내 먹어요 / 피곤해도 아침 점심 밥 좀 챙겨 먹어요 / 그러면 이따 밤에 잠도 잘 올 거에요”
“when you feel hungry take out this song / eat it like a morning apple
make sure you eat your meals even if you’re tired / then you’ll be able to sleep at night”

Happy (almost end of) June! I hope 2015 has been treating you well ♡

Swinging by to apologize for vanishing for half a year. Work has been kicking my ass/consuming my life, but I’m trying hard to remember to take care of myself & my wellbeing. I want to make this a year that I will be proud of & I wish the same to all of you. I’ll be back really soon!!! But in the meantime ✧ remember to stay hydrated, moisturized, & SPF-ed ✧

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Chicago (2014) – Pt. 1


Some photos & thoughts from a family trip to Chicago this past June.
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MEMEBOX – 9th Global Box


If box #8 was a disappointment, then Memebox #9 was redemption because the contents were AWESOME.
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MEMEBOX – 8th Global Box


I’ve got a huge backlog of Memebox posts and with two boxes in the mail (plus a few more scheduled for the rest of the year), it’s about time I get these posts out of the drafts. I’m aiming to have all of them by the end of the month, but I’ll do my best to space them out in case they’re not your cup of tea. I have a problem and it’s that I looooove makeup & cosmetics too muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch. Anyway, Box #8! Continue reading

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