Happy Lunar New Year!

I hope everyone had a wonderful time with family and that you are all happy and healthy in the coming year ☆ Chinese New Year is my absolute favorite holiday because it 1. involves decorating the house with all kinds of stuff that would otherwNise be terribly tacky – Red bows on all the plantssss! GOLD EVERYWHERE!!! and 2. I get to stuff my face with as much 糕,fried treats, cakes, sugared fruits, nuts and chocolate as I want because CNY is all about excess. NO REGRETS.

I missed out on a lot of the festivities this year, which I would say is disappointing, but only half so because ugh crowds. Anyway, I started thinking about 花街 in China and the smell of New Years foods, which made me realize that I never got around to posting my photos of my trip to Guangzhou in ’11. I didn’t celebrate the new year in Guangzhou that year, but I’ve been feeling nostalgic for the slow life so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to share.

I took a 2 week trip with my mom to visit my grandmother in November of 2011. Since it was a personal trip, we didn’t do much exploring, but I didn’t mind it too much. I usually don’t have access to the internet while I’m in Guangzhou because of the visits are relatively short and so it was a nice opportunity to disconnect and spend my time going to my favorite places and eating delicious foods. Read More