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50mm ♥

50mm ♥

I cashed in some of my Citi Reward points for a few Amazon gift cards and snagged the sweet Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II for only $13. It was a little birthday present for myself hehe. It’s taken me some time learning to deal with the cropped image (maybe I should have gone for a 30mm $___$), but I think I’ve got the hang of it! I’m still a little embarrassed that I need to get up and step away so far from the table to shoot things in public, but I must learn to DEAL. I spent the last two months shooting with it and other than the beautiful soft focus, I really appreciate how lightweight it is. HAHA my priorities! But honestly, it’s seriously no fun carrying a 1.5lb camera around especially because I’m one of those people who carry a humongous bag. It really is such a lovely lens and I completely understand why people adore it. I’m a bit worried about the build (it’s mostly plastic), but having spent only $13, I’m sure it won’t break my bank if I had to replace it – fingers crossed nonetheless because I love it!!! Mini life update and photos after the cut! Read More



Commemorative launch post!
If you’ve made it this far back, then hey at least there’s something for you to read here.

Hello hello! My name is susan. I have a lot of feelings about things and this is a place for them to go. I enjoy taking pictures so there will be frequent photo posts! This is a work in progress until I figure things out, so if there is anything that’s off or doesn’t look right, please let me know!

★ An eternity of gratitude to F and L.