Bits + Bobs


It’s really been a long time, huh. I hope 2017 brings everyone the best skin 💆🏻, the best friendships 👯 & the best food 🍑.

What a tough year. I know time is a man-made construct, but it’s nice that we collectively as a society have agreed on the faux reset – it might still be shitty on January 1st, but it’s a ✨ brand new kind of shitty ✨ just for us.

A lot has happened since last April – a whirlwind of new people, experiences, and responsibilities that at times I felt underprepared and overwhelmed by. I don’t make resolutions, but if I were to put it on paper, it would be a reminder to stay focused on what’s truly important, that I am more than my work, and that a glass of water + a good night’s sleep makes all the difference. I’ve done so many new things this year (and man do I owe a recap). I went on my second solo (sorta) trip to hang out with Liz and Viva in Vancouver. I dyed my hair after 10 years of saying I wanted to! I achieved peak eyebrows 🙏 I met some amazing wonderful people that I am so lucky to call my friends. I made… VIB and then VIB rouge… I’m happy (mostly), healthy, and I listened to great music this year. Some nights I drank a little too much, cried a little too long, spent a little too much, but it’s all good – these are just growing pains.

Here’s to a new year and here’s to being a better me and here’s to making more dreams come true.

Museum of Feelings (sorta)


Hung out with Elias around mid-December to catch up & see where life had taken us so far. We also wanted to check out the Museum of Feelings, an interactive pop-up museum sponsored by Glade, but we were not prepared for the enormous line and wait time of almost 4 hours for a 20 minute experience. It was a beautiful day and we had an incredible view of the waterfront so we decided to make it our own day of feelings.

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Hope everyone is safe and warm today. It’s a bitterly cold “feels like” -2°F, right now in my neighborhood and I’m sure it’s worse in other areas. Fingers-crossed everyone makes it through this weekend. Fortunately there doesn’t seem to be snow in the forecast.

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Ready, Set, Go



So far in 2016 I’ve:

· Sat in a lot of cafes for many hours in front of my laptop (holla @ Presso 🐿)
· Solved all the puzzles in Professor Layton & the Diabolical Box 💯
· Finally read the Kite Runner, which has been on my to read list for years
· Started trimming down my beauty collection by giving a lot of unused stuff away to friends
· Replaced my old chair w/ this cool colored one from Ikea
· Collected 45/49 cats in #NEKOATSUME 🐈

I also started combing through my photo archives so look out for a bunch of posts that are basically “dinner I had that one time back in 2012.” One day I will open Lightroom and there won’t be anything to edit.

Hope your 2016 is going well! I just scored some EXO tickets so I’m pretty psyched, but I need to hustle on my portfolio.

Happy Holidays 🎄


Happy Holidays! I hope you have all been warm & well this holiday season ♡

I wanted to stop by with a quick update before I try to start posting regularly again (did I ever?). Recently I made a decision about the direction that my professional life was taking and even though I wasn’t certain it was the right thing to do at the time, I’m at peace with that decision a month later. At the start of 2015, I told myself that this was going to be the year that I learn to be kind to myself and I tried to remind myself of this every time things got tough. I honestly didn’t do a very good job in the last few months, but ultimately I am very proud to have taken this step that I knew I had to in order to move forward. So here’s to a new year and a fresh start ✨

Wishing you all good health, love, and happiness in 2016.